H.A.W.K.S. Hard At Work Kids


Our foundation is built on our acronym, HARD WORK.  The purpose of the Arkansas HAWKS organization is to initiate, stimulate, and improve opportunities for amateur boy’s basketball competition, as well as promote leadership, sportsmanship, physical fitness, educational opportunities and athletic excellence.

It is our goal to provide a system that will enhance both the academic and athletic success of our student-athletes and promote opportunities beyond athletics, as well as a physical support in the community that will enhance the overall success of the student-athlete.

In 2018, Arkansas native and former NBA All-Star Joe Johnson joined forces with the H.A.W.K.S. program.  Our leadership determined that the universal language of athletic competition bridges racial, religious and cultural barriers and when properly harnessed, instills hope and self-esteem.

The HAWKS “Mentor” philosophy is a key factor in instilling hope and self esteem, which motivates our young people to become serious academically, socially responsible, and substance free.  E Discipline, good behavior, and hard work are expected on and off the court.

We are an elite level program which selects athletes based on character, commitment and athletic ability.  No consideration is given to racial, religious or cultural status.  We target the athlete who desires to compete in college at the highest level.  One of our goals is to send a “complete athlete” to college and get back a graduated solid citizen who will continue the tradition.  We will teach the kids to be winners, not just in the game of basketball but also the game of life.

In order to meet our commitment to excellence in service, every effort is made to recruit volunteer coaches and mentors who are positive role models and accept the premise that winning is a result not a reason.